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Easy Integration to Clients

We have developed an extremely easy user interface for our users to be able to integrate to their clients via API( Get,POST,Email,XML,FTP ) methods.

You can literally just copy and paste your clients posting docs into Waypoint and the system handles all the URL Encoding processes to pass the data in the background.

We have kept “EASE OF USE” in mind while developing a robust technology for Big Data Management.

Data Inventory

View your past and present incoming data inventory in one easy to use user interface.

Query data based on specific filters and export or post the results of your query to your clients

External Validation Integration

We have integrated Waypoint to multiple validation and data cleansing companies such as Sift Logic, XVerify, and Other Strategic Partners.

You simply put your unique API key from your validation service (if we support it) into waypoint and your data will be sent out and validated.

You will be responsible for all validation charges as this is an external feature that we have added for customer’s convenience.

We also offer a robust data enhancement feature where you can validate heuristics on data points of consumer past behavioral performance across multiple external data sources.

This is also an add-on feature and has additional charges associated with this service.

Data Security and Redundancy

All data is completely secure and in an individual instance of Postgress with extremely high firewall security in place.

We have been in this business for over 10 years and have hired white hat hackers to pen test our security over the years and have implemented a very secure environment.

Your data is also backed up incrementally to a secure drop box for disaster recovery and minimal data loss in the rare event of a server failure or network outage.

Duplicate Data Control

The De-duping capability is done by comparing the current data amongst the vendors specific parameters. The data can be scrubbed up against the source only, source group, globally or not at all. This is set up in the source information when you edit or first create the source.

We have set up a standard list of dupe fields which are as follows: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, and Date of Birth.

There are three total dupe fields in which you will be allowed to choose from. Additionally to these we are willing to customize a dupe field to your specifications if need be. The Dupe Check Timeframe we have set up is by month. 1,2,3…12months, and if the timeframe is disabled the data is checked amongst all time.

Legacy Lead Mining

Waypoint has a unique “ Lead Mining “ option where you can create historical data queries based on multiple data filtering options to meet your data orders.

You can have multiple Lead Mining processes running at once since the data mining is done from the background.

Since this process takes up a lot of resources there is an additional monthly charge to use this feature. Prices are bases on Data Mining usage.

External Email Drip Marketing

Setup drip marketing campaigns through Waypoint to automatically route an auto responder email to your incoming data sources.

You will need your own SMTP Relay Server to connect Waypoint to and we handle the routing of the email to your Server.

You are responsible for your own IPs and Relays as we do not offer them internally.

Robust Data Filtering

Data filtering can be done at a campaign level from any data point you have posting into Waypoint Software.

You can set multiple data points for each campaign and the as data comes into Waypoint from your inbound data sources it will check the filters that you have setup on each campaign and only send out the data that meets the criteria of the campaign filters(ex.state,zip,gender,URL,custom filters).
You can setup multiple campaign filters for each campaign you have sending out.

You can also set daily campaign caps so when your campaign reaches a certain amount of data in a day it will automatically stop sending data. There is also a Campaign Start and End Time which will automatically start and stop a campaign from sending data if selected. Set campaigns to Exclusive or Semi Exclusive to receive data exclusively or Shared (ie. Send data to multiple marketing partners in real time). Throttling Data delay is also available in the campaign filters.

Individual User Security

You can give users certain security rights within your organization to be able to only see certain parts of Waypoint Software or enable / disable exporting data.

You can also review a report of every keystroke that is done on your back end to track your employee’s behavior on the system.

Client Portal Access

Give your clients access to their individual campaigns and when they login they will only see the campaigns you specify.

The data will collect there in real time and they can export the data and use the client portal as a mini CRM.

This is good for clients that do not have API capabilities and want to be able to login to a place and manage/download their data

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