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Data Validation and
Lead Enhancement Service

Waypoint Software is excited to announce “TrueView”, a new Data Validation Service (On Demand) providing one of the most accurate and secure lead validation and data enhancement services available today. TrueView consolidates four major external databases that are updated weekly to ensure that your data is returned with the most recent up to date information. This in line, service will validate the first and last name, USPS address, land line or cell phone number and index each record for its level of accuracy and can simultaneously profile your campaigns most likely buyers. Your original record is returned to you in real time with the TrueView Validated name, address and phone number added to your original record with as much additional TrueView data as you need for success. There are many validation options available and over 500 Data Enhancements to help improve call center performance and overall Pinpoint Marketing Campaigns. We offer a comprehensive enhancement of data with a fully engaged Data Dictionary to refine your internet and other external self-reported Leads based on the past performance of your campaign.

How does it works ?

Do You Need More Good Data

If you’re searching for new reliable data sources that are clean, targeted and compliant we can introduce you to our publisher’s data and the multiplicity of selections to profile your specific criteria in real time. There are over 500 Demographic, Lifestyle, Transaction, Financial, Hobby, Interest and Geographic data points to mix and match and if you’re not sure we can let you use one of our 181 Models Developed in 19 Consumer Product and Service Categories or we can develop a custom model

Auto Insurance

Beauty Products

Business Opportunity

Collectibles & Art

Crafts & Hobbies


Debt Consolidation



Exercise & Fitness

Financial Services

Health & Diet

House & Garden

Kitchen & Cooking




Personal Products


For new data sales revenue you may be able to expand the verticals your compliant data appeals to. You do not have to be a Waypoint saas client to use any part of this service. It is an external feature and can be ordered on an “as needed basis” processed through our simple API.

Why TrueView?

Improve Telemarketing
A Unique Data Set of over 365,000,000 validated records updated monthly
Real Time Validation and Decision Platform
Expanded communication Channels
Consumer Satisfaction

But I want specific geographic in place for my validation and I need certain criteria met.

Not a problem! With Waypoint Software’s TrueView you may select the geographic to match you’re campaigns requirements. Based on results these geographic can be revisited and edited to provide more data, or to focus on a specifically targeted group. With TrueView you’re in charge.

The API service Overview

Your Data

Input from any source URL, Inventory, Inbound calls and Social Media. 24/7/365 Real Time or batch service

API Validation

Identify and remove wrong, incomplete and fictitious names, addresses and/or Land Line and Cell numbers Validated records can be enhanced with any combination of 500 socio-economic, transaction and geographic characteristics (see Data Dictionary) and selected for media compliance requirements

API Profile

Screen the validated records for clients specific set of characteristics returning only the targeted unaverse with enhanced data to specific set of characteristics returning only the targeted universe with enhanced data to validate selection accuracy

I would make the black bars stick figures of people Sould we let the reader click to the Data Dictionary?

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