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Hygiene and Verification

Decrease your cost and increase your deliverability by using a combined hygiene solution offered by Waypoint Software. We understand that it can be exhausting keeping up with the ever-changing ISP definitions around valid and invalid emails, so we have partnered up with a leading data cleansing company to help you effectively and efficiently monetize your data.

The proprietary technology we have available helps to verify, deliver and identify high and low risk profiles of email addresses in real time for our clients. This verification service can identify invalid emails at a remarkable rate of accuracy across all top-level domains. This service has been tested and proven by independent third parties who are currently using them firsthand.

By adding an extra layer of verification accuracy to every record in your file you can keep the integrity of your data intact and ensure that your lists contain valid email addresses before making contact.

Every record will be thoroughly analyzed and returned with a disposition code based on a comprehensive series of core hygiene metrics that we have available.

This verification process is very user-friendly but extremely complex behind the scenes to ensure you are getting the most out of your data!


What Type of Results Can You Expect

Real Time Interface

Users of API system will get a secure login to measure through put, suppression breakdown and data quality

Batched File Results Analysis

Users of the batch system will be returned a results matrix with each processed file to provide further overview of the bridge process

What Type of Results Can You Expect

Hygiene coupled with our verification
Batched File Results Analysis
All Hygiene and Verification prices can be discussed with your Waypoint Sales Rep