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Web-based Lead Aggregation, Distribution, and Real-Time Automated Lead Delivery Solution

Complete web based white label solution
Access your portal anywhere – configure campaigns, run reports, generate posting docs, and run your data business from anywhere in the world with internet access. Your portal is a complete White Label solution and will have your company logo on the main screen and on your invoices to give you a professional appearance to your clients and colleagues.
Fast, extremely easy configuration
NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED – Create Posting Instructions to receive leads and create new campaigns to send leads in real time to your clients within minutes. We have built Waypoint specifically keeping the “EASE OF USE” methodology in mind. What’s the use of a powerful Lead Distribution System if its extremely difficult to use. Mostly everything in Waypoint Software is point and click, or copy paste.
Aggregate datain real-time
Aggregate leads from publishers, lead pages, web surveys and call centers and store your data securely and redundantly for future data mining, data sales, and heuristics. Run inventory reports and download data with a click of a button.
Immediate lead delivery robust data filtering
Immediately deliver captured leads to your clients, mailers, sales teams, branch offices, or call centers through multiple posting options (HTTP/ GET/ SOAP/ XML/ Email). Waypoint has extremely robust data filtering logic built in so you can filter multiple data elements to determine which campaign to send a lead to and the exclusivity of the data you want. (State Filters, Zip code Filters, Daily Lead Cap, Delivery Time Filter, Exclusivity Filter, Age Filter, Gender Filter, and many more).